About Us  

Company Introduction

Aster Emerging Markets Pvt. Ltd. is a leading, exporter of food products from India. We have a diverse set of offerings ranging from a variety of agro-commodities packaged in bulk to products in private label for retail. We are recognized as a partner-of-choice by several players given our client-centric approach and ability to identify and enter virgin markets - thereby creating a first mover advantage for our partners. Our strength lies in our ability to source the best quality raw material from across India at competitive rates and customise the packaging (50 gm consumer packs to 50 kg double layered PP bags) based on the requirements of our buyers. Given our presence across the value chain, we are able to leverage our insights on conversion costs and negotiate win-win deals. Our team comprises of passionate individuals who pride themselves in taking path-breaking products mainstream in world markets. Currently, the focus geographies for Aster include Japan, New Zealand and European Union.


Our company's History, prowess and ideology

Aster Emerging Markets Pvt. Ltd. started its journey with buying and selling of Agro commodities. Our initial objective was to work with farmers to improve both quality and predictability of their harvest, leading to standardization of their produce. While selling to manufacturers and importers worldwide, we soon realized that there were 4 key factors why most factories in India weren't producing global standard products on a consistent basis,

  • Quality of raw material
  • Technical knowledge on storage of both raw materials and finished products
  • Regular audit of manufacturing processes
  • Understanding the ever evolving packaging needs

While most factories in India undergo an annual audit on the above parameters to obtain global certifications, they rarely adopt these practices on a regular basis. As a result, their products do not meet quality standards leading to reduced global demand.

We saw this as a great opportunity to contribute to create a global market for these products. We have worked relentlessly to standardize processes for packaged products along the entire supply chain i.e. from farm produce to storage, manufacturing and packaging of these products. This ensures that our global buyers get the finest quality products without relying on a single farm, manufacturer and packaging vendor.

Our approach is unique in that we work directly with farm pockets to get the right quality of raw material for our products. Our quality control is stringent and exhaustive. We have a standard operating procedure to get precision form the first sku to infinite sku's made by the factory and job workers which include procurement of raw material from particular farm pockets, detailed specifications for storage of raw material, manufacturing processes, and grade of packaging material used. Our products are manufactured under our close supervision and the processes are reviewed & audited every quarter by an in-house team of experts.

We own and monitor the end-to-end processes from farm to port to ensure standardization across the entire supply chain. This has been the key to our success in exporting world class food products. We also have the ability to source from multiple vendors, allowing our buyers to get market competitive prices and the highest quality.

It is our team's endeavour to create value across the entire ecosystem and to continue working on newer products, giving our global buyers a first-mover advantage in their indigenous markets.

Aster Emerging Markets Pvt ltd.